Avatara Studio
Avatar Customization and Commerce Platform
What is Avatara Studio
We offer a unique SaaS solution to help creators, brands, games, and enterprises monetize their intellectual property via our proprietary software.
What Do We Offer?
Best-in-class Avatar Builder
2D or 3D Generative Collections
Powered by Web 3, but feels like Web 2
Complete White Label Solution
Seamless Blockchain technology
Avatars Come To Life with AI Integration
How does it work?
Skin the avatar builder with your branding
Decide on avatar assets: 2D/3D/Full body
Digital only or add physical redemption and unlockable perks
Engage our influencer network of 300m+ for marketing support
Real World Functionality
An Array of Offerings To Unlock
Infinite Use Cases

Purchase headphones and unlock exclusive concert tickets.

Add a coffee cup and unlock a loyalty program.

Support your charity by wearing their fashion line.

Access a limited-edition hoodie by owning the virtual version.

Phy-gital On Demand

Instantly Bring Your Digital Assets into The Real World.

We handle production and fulfillment.

Our network of partners allows for high-quality print on demand and global distribution.

Interoperability Is Key 

Customize your avatar’s personality with our AI tool kit

Share across socials with custom filters

Wear your wardrobe inside other metaverses

Utilize virtual assets with multiple games

Our Customers
Media Houses
NFT Collections
Gaming Companies
Use Cases
Tik Toker

Monetize and engage the fan base with a virtual fashion line.

Gaming Company

One-stop-shop shop for all cosplay needs with digi-physical wearables.

Fashion Brand

Test new designs virtually and engage with younger audiences.

Generative NFT collection

Add utility to static generative NFT collections through IRL products and experiences.

Case Study: Persona Parlor
Launching Summer 2022 with with over 200 brands, creators, and artists

A next generation interactive marketplace where the Metropolis World community can use their digital identity to unlock products, exclusive content, experiences, charity memberships, and more.

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Our Platform

Our platform offers an all-inclusive, secure, and transparent solution to enable creators, brands, and businesses to monetize their intellectual property via virtual goods & avatars.

New Revenue Streams
New Audience
Consumer Insights
Future-proof e-Commerce
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